Venezuela condemns attack on Cuban embassy in France

Venezuela condemns attack on Cuban embassy in France
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28 July 2021
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Caracas, Jul 28 (Prensa Latina) The general coordinator of the Venezuela-Cuba Friendship and Mutual Solidarity Movement, Yhonny García Calles, condemned the recent terrorist attack perpetrated against Cuba's embassy in France.
The activist made statements to Prensa Latina denouncing that actions of this nature respond to the campaign of lies and incitement to hatred promoted by the United States government as part of the destabilization maneuvers against Cuba.

Calles pointed out that the growing anti-Cuban activity sponsored by Washington stimulates the exercise of terror against Cuba, as part of the so-called strategy for regime change, and denounced the excessive use of information and communication technologies to generate an immense amount of falsehoods aimed at confusing the Cuban people and international public opinion about the situation in the country.

The Foreign Minister of Cuba Bruno Rodríguez confirmed on Monday that the island's embassy in France suffered an attack with Molotov cocktails, for which he held the United States government responsible.

Rodríguez called the attack a terrorist action and singled out Washington for encouraging such conduct with its ongoing campaigns against Cuba.

He added that the continuous calls for violence from the United States are a stimulus for these events to occur.

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