Venezuela and Chevron Company to sign contracts (+Photo)

Venezuela and Chevron Company to sign contracts (+Photo)
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29 November 2022
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Caracas, Nov 29 (Prensa Latina) Venezuela's Petroleum Minister Tareck El Aissami on Tuesday received Chevron Company CEO Javier La Rosa with whom he will sign contracts for the development of joint ventures.

I have held a “successful meeting” with Chevron, a company that will celebrate 100 years of operations in Venezuela in 2023, El Assaimi tweeted, while adding that in the next few hours, “we will sign the contracts” to promote the development of joint ventures and oil production.


After the second partial agreement between the Nicolás Maduro administration and the opposition sector of the Unitary Platform (PU), the U.S. Treasury Department issued a license authorizing Chevron to resume limited operations of extraction of natural resources in Venezuela.

Specialized sources reported this license authorizes Venezuela´s oil production, maintenance or repair services by Chevron in the Venezuelan territory.

Plus, it provides for the sale, export or import to the U.S. of national oil products produced by Chevron, provided that they are sold to them first, and allows the purchase and import to Venezuela of goods or supplies under this license.

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