US: San Francisco calls for medical cooperation from Cuba

US: San Francisco calls for medical cooperation from Cuba
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22 July 2020
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The Board of Supervisors of the City and County of San Francisco, U.S. state of California, approved a resolution promoting medical and scientific collaboration with Cuba to deal with the Covid-19, reported a diplomatic source today.

The initiative itself urges the US Congress to remove the restrictions on collaboration in time of the current global health emergency and calls for the suspension of the economic and travel sanctions applied by virtue of the blockade imposed for over 60 years by successive White House governments against Cuba.

The legislative body in the San Francisco government thus joined in its resolution to call for cooperation and the lifting of that coercive policy expressed both inside and outside this northern nation, as the current White House administration's hostility to the island increases.

During a visit to San Francisco by a diplomat from the island in 2016, the Board issued a proclamation welcoming Cuba following the restoration of relations between the two countries on July 20, 2015.

The event was framed in the context of the growing sentiment of a majority in the United States that calls for the end of the economic, financial and commercial blockade and for steps to be taken towards the normalization of ties between the two parties.

Cuban authorities denounced the immoral and persistent attack against the Caribbean country's effort to provide solidarity to those nations that have requested cooperation to face the Covid-19.

The Cuban Foreign Affairs Ministry warned that instead of devoting themselves to promoting cooperation and encouraging a joint response, senior State Department officials 'dedicate their time to issuing statements of threat against those governments which, in view of the drama of the pandemic, sovereignly choose to request assistance from Cuba'.

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