US-democracy: Is there anything left of its much deteriorated image?

US-democracy: Is there anything left of its much deteriorated image?
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18 February 2021
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Amid a transcendental context, President Joe Biden acknowledged in Washington: “democracy is fragile.”

This way, he implicitly admitted that lies hover around that place.

He argued that only by using the truth, the United States will be able to end the “non-civil war” between Democrats and Republicans and “heal the soul of the nation.”

Biden, who took office on January 20th, wrote it last Saturday in a statement, after the Senate acquitted Donald Trump, despite the latter incited the Capitol’s invasion.

The document also stated that violence and extremism have no place in the country.

The Spanish news agency EFE said that in spite of acquittal, it was the presidential “impeachment” with greater bipartisan support of all four carried out so far in the history of the US.

He echoed the words of the Republicans leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, in his final speech last Saturday, when he said that Trump was “morally responsible” of what had happened.

In this regard, Biden ratified that none doubts about the role played by the former President encouraging his followers to storm in the Capitol.

The President, to whom EFE labeled as a centrist Democrat, has the tough task of uniting the nation and eradicate the polarization of recent years.

And added that the situation will go down in history in two ways:

-Make Trump the first US President facing and being acquitted of two political trials.

-An out-of-power President had never been subjected to a political trial before.

This way, the kind of Democracy they sell to the world has been seriously compromised. 

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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