Unions call for a new Out with Bolsonaro day in Brazil

Unions call for a new Out with Bolsonaro day in Brazil
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1 September 2021
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The organizers of the Out Bolsonaro Campaign and the Cry of the Excluded have issued a statement in which they call for a new day of demonstrations against the current government of the far-right president, scheduled for next week throughout the Brazilian territory.

According to the call, which brings together a dozen trade union centers, the reasons for the protest are the unemployment that reaches 15 million unemployed, six million who are no longer looking for work, another six million inactive people who need work and seven million more in precarious employment.

They also mention high inflation, famine and investment flight, as well as the increase in violence, food and social insecurity.

The conveners describe the authoritarian escalation of Jair Bolsonaro and what they call a disastrous management of the COVID-19 pandemic and mention, likewise, the environmental and energy crises, among others.

Therefore, they warn of the need to unite all powers, governors, mayors, workers' representatives and civil society in defense of the democratic rule of law.

The objective, according to the document, is to contain the president's authoritarian outbursts, as well as to discuss urgent issues such as the creation of decent jobs, the need for social programs and the correct confrontation of the health crisis.


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