UN forces in Lebanon denounce Israeli violations

UN forces in Lebanon denounce Israeli violations
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19 April 2021
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Beirut, Apr 19 (Prensa Latina) The United Nations Peacekeeping Forces in Lebanon on Monday denounced Israel's repeated violations of airspace and its disrespect to the resolutions issued by the UN Security Council.
This Sunday, Israeli fighter jets flew at medium altitude over Lebanese areas in the latest episode of the Tel Aviv regime's transgressions of national sovereignty, The Daily Star newspaper reported.

Security sources and witnesses, cited by the newspaper, confirmed the overflight of these aircrafts through the country's center and southern regions.

A communique by the UN contingent reports on the frequent Israeli violations of Security Council Resolution 1701 that ended a 2006 war between Tel Aviv and Beirut and these actions remain unpunished, despite Lebanese complaints to the global body.

Israel uses this country's airspace to launch raids against targets in Syria, says the note reproduced by The Daily Star.

From June to October 2020, the United Nations Peacekeeping Forces in Lebanon recorded a daily average of 12.63 violations, totaling 61 hours and 51 minutes of flight time, a significant increase over the previous four months, while drones accounted for almost 95 percent of transgressions, according to the report.

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