UN confirms sending of experts to regional elections in Venezuela

UN confirms sending of experts to regional elections in Venezuela
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15 October 2021
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Caracas, Oct 15 (Prensa Latina) The United Nations (UN) confirmed that it will send a Panel of Electoral Experts to Venezuela for the November 21 elections, according to a report sent today.
In email circulated to the press, it was indicated that, after completing a technical evaluation process, the UN secretariat responded positively to the request of the National Electoral Council (NEC) of Venezuela for the deployment of this type of mission in the regional and municipal elections.

According to the report, a team of three experts will arrive in the country in November to carry out a follow up on the process and provide the Secretary General with an independent and internal report on the general development of the elections.

The text clarified that electoral experts do not issue public statements evaluating the general management of an electoral process or its results.

It further explained that the panel is one of the various types of electoral assistance the United Nations can provide at the request of member states, as opposed to observation missions, which require a specific mandate from the Security Council or the General Assembly.

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