UK Solidarity Campaign Calls for Nobel Peace Price for Cuban Doctors

UK Solidarity Campaign Calls for Nobel Peace Price for Cuban Doctors
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29 June 2020
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The Cuba Solidarity Campaign in the United Kingdom called Sunday for the Nobel Peace Prize to be awarded to the Cuban international medical brigades that are fighting the coronavirus pandemic in many countries across the world.

The campaign’s National Secretary Bernard Regan affirmed to local media that the request is “fair and legitimate,” and also urged the international community to recognize the professional work of Cuba to face the pandemic. The CSC’s call joins others made by Italy’s authorities and NGO’s, as well as France.

The Henry Reeve International Contingents, specialized in disaster situations and epidemics, are made up of doctors, nurses, and specialists that, since the outbreak began, have been at the frontline of the fight against the pandemic.

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, Cuba has sent doctors and nurses to 21 nations across the world including South Africa, Italy, Honduras, Cape Verde, Suriname, and across the Caribbean. The medical staff assists the local healthcare system by providing their services to COVID-19 infected patients.

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