Trump’s Wall: A Museum Piece?

Trump’s Wall: A Museum Piece?
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8 February 2021
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Trump’s notorious wall is facing some challenges.

He planned it, among other things, moved by two fundamental reasons, his racist behavior and his contempt for poor people on Earth.

According to AP, the US Supreme Court accepted on Wednesday Joe Biden’s request to delay the arguments on the border wall between the US and Mexico.

And also included the asylum claims, as the President has taken actions to modify Trump’s policies challenged in court.

In this regard, the judges issued a brief order terminating the scrutiny of evidences scheduled for February 22nd.

It is all about Trump’s decision to divert billions of dollars from American taxpayers for the partial building of the wall.

Besides, Biden ordered to stop and reversed the national emergency order issued by Trump, which facilitated the money transfer to the border.

The Court also postponed the hearing to be held on March 1st, which would deal with policy of Trump that forced those asking for political asylum to wait in Mexico until the date of their US court date.

Thus, little by little, a symbol of the Trump’s Administration is falling apart. But we must never forget that Trump is one thing, and Trumpism is another, quite different, by the way. 

Trumpism left behind a legacy of powerful multimillionaire elites and several neo-fascist packs dreaming about their influence rise.

Meanwhile, the remains of the wall will be there like a gigantic museum piece.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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