Trump brags that military cut through protesters like knife cutting butter

Trump brags that military cut through protesters like knife cutting butter
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13 June 2020
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U.S. President Donald Trump flew to Dallas on Thursday for a roundtable on law enforcement, meeting with officials there and causing further controversy.  "It's not supposed to be a beautiful scene, but to me it was" Trump said at the event, referring to National Guard troops who went through protesters "like a knife cutting butter." 

Trump said authorities managed to quell protests in Minneapolis, and "yes there was some tear gas."  Trump has come under criticism for his handling of nonviolent protesters ahead of a photo-op at a church in Washington, DC, amid ongoing protests over Floyd's death and police brutality.  Demonstrators outside the White House were dispersed with peppery spray, which some authorities initially denied to be tear gas. 

Trump also said the U.S. cannot move forward while "decent Americans" are accused of being "racist or bigots."   The president also expressed his support for police, saying they need more funding, not less. "You have bad apples" wherever you go, Trump said, though there aren't "too many of them" in the police. 

Trump's visit was derided due to the exlcusion of three Black Dallas law enforcement leaders.  Dallas Police Chief U Renee Hall, Dallas County Sheriff Marian Brown and District Attorney John Creuzot were not invited. 


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