Tribute to Cuba’s National Hero Jose Marti in philately (+Photos)

Tribute to Cuba’s National Hero Jose Marti in philately (+Photos)
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26 January 2023
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A little publicized aspect today is the presence of Cuban National Hero Jose Marti in international philately, as a tribute to his life and work.

Cuban lawyer and researcher Emilio Cueto told Opus Habana magazine that at least 12 countries and 27 stamps honor the Cuban Apostle’s legacy.

According to the expert, most of them are Latin American nations and part of those stamps have been framed for some of his birthdays or anniversary of his death.

Many of the stamps depict the solitary bust of Marti, with photos taken or inspired by the time, in other prints he appears next to the University of Salamanca, in Spain, and in another one in front of his birthplace.

Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Uruguay, the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua are among the nations of the continent that pay tribute to Marti on stamps and postcards.

China, India, Vietnam, the former German Democratic Republic (GDR), the former Soviet Union (USSR) and in 2022 Serbia are added in Asia and Europe.

The recognition of Jose Marti’s life and work, through philately is a sign of the universality of Cuba’s National Hero, whose 170th birthday will be celebrated on January 28.

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