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25 June 2020
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Some social network users, who love dance are amazed at the called off of the Havana International Ballet Festival "Alicia Alonso", scheduled for late October.

They believe that by that time the epidemic should have subsided, and theaters may already be open.

Beyond the reasons for the calling off or shift in schedule of major cultural and sport events it’s also due to organizational difficulties (a festival is not organized overnight, and right now it’s impossible to carry out basic coordination), it’s very difficult to guess dates for the long-awaited normalcy.

And in any case, it would be necessary to see how this circumstance affects the "normalcy" to come.

Theaters, galleries, museums, libraries and bookstores will normally open when it’s safe and step by step.

Prime Minister Manuel Marrero explained last Thursday at the Round Table TV program that "since the first phase of recovery in Cuba has been decreed, the commercialization of artistic talent begins and the opening of cultural centers also."

The reopening of several cultural institutions in Europe, especially important museums, could offer an idea of the measures that could be taken here when the time comes.

But each country has its own plan, conditions, and priorities.

In Cuba the priority is health. And recent contagion events in the capital show the dangers of overconfidence and the relaxation of precautionary measures.

It’s understandable the desire of the public to return to theaters and museums, it’s clear that many artists want to go back on stage ...

After the pandemic, many of the structures of production, financing and socialization of art will have to be reconsidered. The economic panorama will be (already is) very complex.

The country's idea is not to sacrifice the artistic and literary framework; and that is the challenge of cultural institutions: efficiency in the management of resources, sensitivity and intelligence ... because culture will never be a brick factory.

The creative flow of the nation has not decreased in its core during the pandemic. For many artists this has been a fertile standstill.

The time will come to tell in detail the story of this crisis: art will be a very important part of this chronicle.

Meanwhile, even in recovery stages, it’s urgent to prioritize life.

 Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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