Terrorism in Paris: Who are the instigators of hatred towards Cuba?

Terrorism in Paris: Who are the instigators of hatred towards Cuba?
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28 July 2021
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After the attacks with Molotov cocktails against the headquarter of the Cuban Embassy to Paris, there are no doubts about who are instigators of hatred and violence.

Those who executed the terrorist attack against the Cuban Embassy in Franca are the same kind of people who went to the streets in Cuba on July 11th to plunder shops, flip police patrols and beat policemen, stirred by a hatred propaganda that has, for years, encouraged people to commit crimes with the complicity of the U.S. government.

These people are the ones who instigated the terrorist attack against the Cuban Embassy in the U.S. back in April 30th, 2020, event that is being kept in the dark by the same government that sanctions countries all over the world by finger-pointing at them in illegitimate lists.

Everything suggests that the heirs of hatred and frustration of the anti-Cuban mafia based in Miami, after posing as “pacifists,” have decided to return to their old ways of practicing terror.

They are the same people who have committed against the Cuban Revolution, for more than 60 years, 713 terrorist attacks, which have been organized, financed and executed, most of them, by the United States. And these terrorist actions have resulted in 3,478 casualties, have disabled for life 2,099 individuals, not to mention the economic losses estimated in 181 billion US dollars.

They are the same people who insist, via fake news posted in social networks, on presenting Cuba as a nation mired in chaos where riots and protests abound, existing only in their delusional minds.

The same people who, shamelessly, included Cuba in a list of countries promoting terrorism.

They are the same people who encourage domestic terrorism, which, in the words of the current U.S. President, poses the major threat to the U.S. National Security.

The same people who have begged in the White House the current President to forget about his campaign pledges and follow the steps — towards Cuba — of former President Donald Trump, main instigator to the terrorist attacks against the U.S. Capitol in Washington.

The same cowards and chancers who benefit from a pandemic to submit a people.

The same annexationists with no Homeland to whom, ironically, Life is synonym of military interventionism.

Note: A self-proclaimed European Association for a Free Cuba has just claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack against the Embassy of Cuba in Paris. 

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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