Syria ratifies agreement with Global Vaccine Alliance

Syria ratifies agreement with Global Vaccine Alliance
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21 January 2021
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Damascus, Jan 21 Prensa Latina) The People's Assembly passed Thursday the bill that ratifies the agreement between Syria and the Global Alliance for Vaccines AND Immunization (GAVI) in order to obtain this type of drug.
In his speech to the unicameral parliament, the Minister of Health Hassan Al-Ghobash affirmed that they are seeking to obtain a vaccine in accordance with several conditions.

GAVI is the UNICEF Supply Division and constitutes a broad alliance of public and private organizations administered by a Board of Shareholders.

Hassan Al-Ghobash explained that GAVI started a domestic vaccination program in 2018 in Syria, in addition to other collaboration projects.

This agreement, he said, will result in economic savings derived from 'obtaining lower prices than international ones and also obtaining foreign currency to import vaccines.'

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