IN SUMMER: Different Libraries

IN SUMMER: Different Libraries
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24 July 2022
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This image is circling in Facebook, gathering comments of amazement and, above all, admiration.


It’s not recent though, it dates back a couple of years and was taken on the famous Australian beach of Bondi Beach, Sydney.


This is what they call a beach library and, like this one, there are others on at least seven beaches around the world, some spread across Spain, Brazil, Bulgaria, China and Morocco, as well as Australia.



What’s interesting is that from many other parts of the world today there are nearly a hundred comments accumulating on social networks about the goodness of the initiative and how much they would like to have alternatives like that in such a "beautiful and relaxing setting".


"How happy I’d be if they set libraries on the beach," Gladys Mirta Mazzuco, a primary school teacher in Paraná, Brazil, commented on the image on July 5th.



many would be also happy on this Caribbean Island, if that initiative would prosper here as well.


Although it’s a reality that the electronic book has been taking the lead with its many advantages in the preference of readers, it’s also true that it has not been able to definitively displace conventional paperback books. It’s so that in Cuba Book Fairs continue to be held, and there are many interested who attend them.



In addition, reading with the sun shining on the screen is not very comfortable, nor are sand and sea splashes the best for this type of digital reading. But the paper and ink books, the always companion, can compete with such "inconveniences."


Now that summer has begun and the school year will soon be over, perhaps it would be interesting to try to multiply those beach libraries throughout this geography, and not only on beaches, but also on coasts, rivers, swimming pools...



Eye-catching titles and reasonable prices, both in itinerant libraries and in itinerant bookstores, would perhaps have unexpected results, and the novelty could be carried out by state institutions as well as self-employed workers, either with new books or old ones.


"People go to those places to unplug," objected someone with whom I shared the idea. But forgetting about life for a while is also moving to the times and settings of those books, diving yourself in the plot and its characters, imagining their faces, costumes, gestures and even voice.


Of course, that is achieved when there’s a habit and a real pleasure in reading. But those who have not discovered it will always have the opportunity to venture out for the first dive in that infinite ocean which are books. And if it’s by the sea, even better.

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