Spanish chain ROC prepares hotels in Cuba to resume operations

Spanish chain ROC prepares hotels in Cuba to resume operations
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17 September 2021
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Matanzas, Cuba, Sep 17 (Prensa Latina) The Spanish hotel chain Roc Hotels and the Cuban group Gran Caribe on Friday announced the resumption of operations at two of their hotels in Cuba, where borders will be reopened on November 15
Mirielys Miranda, commercial specialist in Cuba of the Spanish group, told Prensa Latina that the hotels are the Roc Presidente in Havana and the Roc Barlovento in Varadero beach.

'The announcement takes as the main reason the projection of reservations, especially by clients from the German market, where both hotel maintain very satisfactory results on the renowned and major opinion portal Holidaycheck,' she said.

The Presidente hotel, with 95 percent of satisfaction, ranks third in Havana, with a rating of 5 (of a maximum of 6), Miranda added.

While the Barlovento hotel, she added, with 87 percent of satisfaction, is in the fifth place in Varadero, Cuba's major coastal resort, with a rating of 4.9 (of maximum of 6).

'It also holds the 'Recommended' Hotel award, granted by the above-mentioned travel website,' Miranda added.

In addition to the resumption of operations, she said, the Roc Arenas Doradas hotel, also in Varadero, will remain open.

While the Roc Lagunas del Mar hotel, in Cayo Santa Maria, off the north coast of central Villa Clara province and belonging to Gaviota, will resume operations as soon as flights to that region increase, she added.

'For Roc Hotels, this reunion represents a return to the happy past, and the hope for a return to normal,' Miranda stressed.

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