Some 30 doctors have been kidnapped in Haiti since January 2022

Some 30 doctors have been kidnapped in Haiti since January 2022
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8 March 2023
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Port-au-Prince, Mar 8 (Prensa Latina) At least 30 doctors have been kidnapped from January 2022 to date, the Haitian Medical Association denounced, and called for concrete actions from the authorities to stop the phenomenon.

Medical personnel are frecuent victims of gangs who have increased their activity since the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse in June 2021, and have expanded their areas of influence in the last year.

The Association criticized the Government for not taking responsibility for the security of the union and of the population in general, who cannot carry out their daily activities or live in peace. It also demanded the unconditional release of Dr. Geneviève Arty, who was kidnapped more than a month ago.

At least 10 doctors have been kidnapped in Haiti so far this year, the majority of them in the capital, leading to the closure of several health institutions, including the Albert Schweitzer hospital in the Artibonite department and the Haitian Study Group Centers on Kaposi’s Sarcoma and Opportunistic Infections (GHESKIO).

The director of the GHESKIO centers, who is also part of the scientific committee of the World Health Organization, William Pape, warned of the possibility of a “Rwandan massacre” in Haiti due to the power of the gangs.

“It is time for us to react, because these crimes will multiply and we will all be victims. It is time to stop this descent into hell, it must be clear,” Pape wrote in a message.

He also recalled the responsibility of the international community in the situation in Haiti, and pointed out that they cannot continue to wash their hands off the matter while the country is sinking.

Human rights organizations reported more than a hundred kidnappings since the beginning of the year in a context characterized by increasing violence.

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