Solidarity organizations denounce harassment of Cuban musical duo

Solidarity organizations denounce harassment of Cuban musical duo
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18 May 2023
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A tour of presentations by the Cuban musical duo Buena Fe in Spain was wrecked by harassment and threats, causing the cancelling of several concerts.

“It is with sadness that we announce that the concerts in Salamanca and Zamora have been suspended. Under the pretext of defending democracy, fascist harassment and threats have been unleashed against the owners of the venues, and that has been stronger than the songs. A thousand apologies to those who had purchased the tickets,” the Cuban duo wrote. ” they wrote on their Facebook account.

Following the success of their performances in Bilbao and Madrid, not without some setbacks, the musicians had more concerts scheduled in Spain.

As explained by the Cubainformación digital media outlet, another boycott attempt occurred during the concert in the Galileo Galilei hall in Madrid by a counterrevolutionary element.

The problem of last Friday was solved thanks to the support of the public; However, in Bilbao there were numerous threats on social networks against Bira Aretoa, a cultural association in whose premises the concert was held in the context of a solidarity day against the United States blockade of Cuba, organized by Euskadi-Cuba and the Sierra Maestra and Desembarco del Granma associations.

However, Bira stood firm and hundreds of people participated in the activities, including the concert, for which all the tickets were sold out, the source highlighted.

The State Movement of Solidarity with Cuba, which brings together more than 60 groups from all over Spain, expressed its rejection of the counterrevolutionary fascism acts, and offered its total support to Buena Fe.

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