Solidarity aid to Cuba continues in Italy after fire in Matanzas

Solidarity aid to Cuba continues in Italy after fire in Matanzas
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26 August 2022
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Rome, Aug 26 (Prensa Latina) An initiative in support of Cuba after the fire that affected the city of Matanzas, is carried on today by nationals residents in Italy based in the province of Ancona and Italian regional groups, reported a spokeswoman of the organizers.

Olga Lidia Priel, president of the Cultural Association for a Dwarf Prince created by Cubans residing in Italy, in the city of Iesi, informed Prensa Latina about a fundraiser this Friday in support of Matanzas.

The act is carried out in coordination with the Sandro Pertini Political Culture Circle and has the support of other organizations that represent various sectors of that town, located in the central eastern region of Las Marcas.

On August 5, a serious fire started in the port of Matanzas, resulting in 16 deaths, 146 injuries and serious material damage.

As a result of this event, the Cultural Association for a Dwarf Prince issued a statement, in which its members stated that “we come together to offer solidarity to the people of the island, our government and the forces mobilized to extinguish the fire.”

This document was also signed by the Arcoiris group, branch of the Communist Refoundation Party in Iesi, the intercultural project of the Frederic II Institute, as well as nationals of the Antillean country and Italian friends of Cuba residing in the Marche region.

“United in this pain, in the midst of the suffocating consequences of an intense blockade, our people, guided by President Miguel Díaz-Canel, will overcome this ordeal with the revolutionary strength and integrity that characterizes us,” the note stressed.

The Government of this country recently joined these actions of support by the Italian people and Cuban residents, announcing the sending to Cuba of a donation consisting of 2.3 tons of medicines and medical equipment, as humanitarian aid after that incident.

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicated in a statement that the shipment will depart shortly for the Caribbean nation from the United Nations (UN) Humanitarian Response to Emergencies base, located in the port city of Brindisi

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