Russia describes Putin’s interview as relevant

Russia describes Putin’s interview as relevant
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11 February 2024
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Russian President Vladimir Putin's interview with American journalist Tucker Carlson was a noteworthy opportunity for the Russian leader to be heard in the West, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitri Peskov stated on Saturday.

He pointed out that it has greater value where the major media outlets are controlled by Anglo-Saxons.

Commenting on the fact that already in the first 24 hours the interview got over 100 million views only on X, Peskov noted that this “does not mean” support at all.

“We cannot expect that our point of view will find support. The most important issue for us is that our president is heard. And if Putin is heard, it means that more people will reflect whether he is right or wrong. At least they will reflect,” Peskov added.

The spokesman recalled Putin’s statement during the interview when he noted that it was very difficult to counter the United States in propaganda terms.

And in such a context, the main issue is to give people the chance to get acquainted with our world’s vision. In that regard, this is a very noteworthy opportunity,” Peskov underscored.

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