Ronaldo Veitía, emblematic Cuban judo coach, passes away in Havana

Ronaldo Veitía, emblematic Cuban judo coach, passes away in Havana
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5 December 2022
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Prestigious professor Ronaldo Veitía, architect of the triumphs of Cuban women's judo, died Monday in Havana at the age of 75 due to complications associated with the illnesses he suffered and which worsened in recent months.

"Veitía leaves us forever the fond memory of the continuous and emotional victories of Cuban women's judo. May her school never die," President Miguel Díaz-Canel wrote on his official Twitter account as he expressed his condolences to family and friends.

"In recent days the health condition of the outstanding coach had deteriorated, reason why he had to be hospitalized. The complications associated with his diabetes and the high cardiovascular risk marked his seriousness until the fatal outcome," said the digital newspaper Jit in announcing the news of his death.

Hero of the work of the Republic of Cuba and decorated with the Order of Sports Merit, the highest distinction awarded by the Council of State of the Republic of Cuba, Veitía directed the Cuban women's judo team for almost three decades, leading it to 55 medals in world championships (16 gold), 25 Olympic medals (5 gold) and several dozens in Central and Pan American competitions.

Among his illustrious students were Olympic and world champions Idalys Ortiz, Driulis Gonzalez and Legna Verdecia and other laureates of the stature of Daima Beltran, Odalis Revé, Estela Rodriguez and Sibelis Veranes.

Under his command, the Cuban women's judo team took first place by country at the Sydney-2000 Olympic Games, and at the world championships in Shiba-1995 and Cairo-2008.

"Professor Ronaldo Veitía Valdivié passed away, his contribution to the greatness of Cuban women's judo assures him a place of honor in the history of the sport. We share the pain with family and friends with this patriot battler and faithful to his principles," wrote on twitter the president of the Institute of Sports of Cuba, Osvaldo Vento.

The professor went into retirement in 2015 and then devoted himself to training children in the Havana municipality of El Cotorro, where he lived.

After being hospitalized for several weeks in a hospital in Alicante, Spain, due to a stroke, he had returned last October 18th to Cuba of his own free will.

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