Protesters denounce Colombian police shoot indiscriminately

Protesters denounce Colombian police shoot indiscriminately
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6 May 2021
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Bogota, May 6 (RHC)-- Colombian protesters denounced that the Colombian Police, in complicity with the Army, exercised excessive force against the civilian population by shooting with live fire, leaving a balance of dead and wounded still unaccounted for.

Through social networks, residents of the main Colombian cities -- including Cali, Medellin, Santander, Barranquilla and Bogota -- referred to the aggressions they have been subjected to by the security forces.

The user of the social network Twitter identified as @rdxtcfvbh stated that in the sector of Siloé, in Cali, "the police in complicity with the Colombian army has the city under siege.  They've cut communications.  They have cut off the electricity and are shooting civilians.  They are censoring the massacre."

A teleSUR journalist Tatiana Perez posted on her Twitter account a series of videos recorded Tuesday night in the city of Medellin, where the community "reports very serious acts of violence by the security forces" and where you can see how the police shoot without contemplation.

Similar videos recorded in various sectors of Bogota, Santander and Barranquilla, among other cities, show the violence that the security forces are committing against the population.

Colombians began a national strike on April 28 in rejection of the tax reform intended to be imposed by the government of President Iván Duque.  Demonstrators are also demanding the demilitarization of the country and mass vaccination against COVID-19, among other demands.

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