Presidents Petro and Biden to meet on peace and migration

Presidents Petro and Biden to meet on peace and migration
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18 April 2023
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Colombia President Gustavo Petro will meet with his US counterpart, Joe Biden, on Thursday to address issues such as peace and migration, Petro's visit to the US Monday.

Before leaving for the US, Petro told reporters about his expectations for the meeting, especially on peace in his country and the entire American continent.

He said that peace is measured by disease, economic stagnation, hunger, and climate crisis.

Regarding the meeting with Biden, Petro stated that the US Government and the Colombian Executive, at the Americas’ level, must lead a new agenda

Petro’s visit to the United States began on Monday with his participation in the opening session of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues: Indigenous Peoples, Human, Global and Territorial Health and Climate Change: A Rights-Based Approach.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and the president of the United Nations Economic and Social Council, Lachezara Stoeva, among others, will also attend the event.

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