President Miguel Diaz Canel congratulates Telesur on its 15th anniversary

President Miguel Diaz Canel congratulates Telesur on its 15th anniversary
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24 July 2020
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Havana, July 24 (RHC)—Cuban president sent a video message to the multinational television network Telesur on its 15th anniversary, on July 24.

In the message posted on Twitter, the Cuban head of state, described the project of communicational integration as a libertarian dream in the hands of Venezuelans, Argentines, Uruguayans, Colombians, Brazilians, Cubans, and an infinite list of intellectuals of our America.

Diaz-Canel added that Telesur was founded and made possible by the intelligence, the will, and the dreams of two of Latin America´s most illustrious and courageous sons: Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez.

The Cuban president noted how the TV network, which began as small operation in Caracas, has become a nightmare of the Empire's liars and the regional lackeys, and sent to its Chief Executive Patricia Villega, founders, journalists and technicians the encouragement and commitment of those who no longer know, nor can, nor will accept to live without Telesur.

“We embrace you in the distance as we witness with joy and enthusiasm the powerful flight of Telesur, 15 years after its birth, clearing the murky waters of the contemporary digital world, broadcasting to all continents in Spanish and English, in America, in Europe, in Africa, in Asia, and the Middle East”, said the President

Diaz-Canel concluded his congratulatory message to Telesur say that the network can always count on Cuba, who considers itself seed, branch, and flower of this dream of integration.

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