President of INDER begins work agenda in Russia

President of INDER begins work agenda in Russia
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21 February 2024
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The president of INDER, Osvaldo Vento Montiller, arrived today in Russia to carry out an important work agenda in the framework of the First Future Games 2024. In Moscow, he was received by Julio Garmendía Peña, Cuban ambassador to that nation.

Upon his arrival in Kazan, Vento Montiller was greeted by Demin Sergey Konstantinovich, Russia's honorary coach and president of the Federation of Shot Put and Bullet Shooting of the Republic of Tartaristan.

After receiving an affectionate greeting and best wishes for his stay here, Vento expressed the honour of visiting the country and this Republic, and highlighted the Russian initiative to celebrate the First Future Games.

The agenda of the head of Inder includes this Wednesday a meeting with the Minister of Sports of Russia, Oleg Matytsin, in which the ways to deepen the relations between both nations in this sector will be evaluated.

In the evening he will attend the opening ceremony of the First Future Games and in the early hours of the morning he will receive the first athletes from the island, the exponents of the Figital basketball. He will be accompanied by Gisleydi Sosa, director of international relations of Inder.

The delegation was led by Alexis Tristá Pacheco, vice-president of the Cuban Electronic Sports Association (Adec).

Upon his arrival at this city's air terminal, in dialogue with the local press, he celebrated the opportunity to be part of a historic event due to its scope and the concept that presides over it: hybridising the physical and digital worlds in 21 sports disciplines.

Asked about the development of e-sports on the island, Tristá Pacheco acknowledged progress and growing support from government institutions.

He cited, as the biggest obstacle, the effects of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the US government, which is clearly expressed in the difficulties in accessing digital platforms, software, technology and events.

The Cuban delegation will also participate in football, sports programming, beat saber and just dance.

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