President Díaz-Canel praises Cuban results in sports contest

President Díaz-Canel praises Cuban results in sports contest
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3 May 2021
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The president of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, today highlighted the women's team of his country that achieved the gold medal in the 4x400 meters section of the World Relay Championship held in Poland.

Through his official Twitter account, the president described the event that occurred the day before as 'unprecedented' and wrote: 'Cuban women continue to make history.'

Zurian Hechavarría, Rose Mary Almanza, Lisneidy Veitía and Roxana Gómez 'inspire us to dream big for the Tokyo Olympics,' he said in reference to how the quartet got ticket number 16 for Cuban athletics for those games and 47 for their nation .

The long post of the island dominated the test with a time of 3.28.41 minutes, valid to lead the representations of Poland (3: 28.81) and the United Kingdom (3: 29.27).

The appointment under the five rings, postponed for a year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, will take place from July 23 to August 8 of this year.


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