President Díaz-Canel denounces media manipulation against Cuba

President Díaz-Canel denounces media manipulation against Cuba
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29 November 2020
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Havana, November 29 (RHC)-- The president of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, through his Twitter account, denounced that those who designed the San Isidro farce were wrong about the country, wrong about history and wrong about the armed forces.

"Our people have all the courage and the morals to fight for the heart of Cuba," he wrote, assuring that "there is a group determined to hurt a country, doing everything so that this year, marked by the pandemic and the thousand turns of the blockade, ends badly for Cuba."

The president emphasized through the social network that "nothing can be done in the face of the defiant Cuban resistance."

In addition, the president shared a tweet with a text from the newspaper Granma about the note from the Cuban Foreign Ministry where the island reaffirms to the United States that it does not allow it to interfere in internal affairs.

"That will always be the answer to the perverse plans against the island," said the Cuban president.

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