President denounces mistreatment on Argentine delegation in Bolivia

President denounces mistreatment on Argentine delegation in Bolivia
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17 October 2020
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Buenos Aires, Oct 17 (Prensa Latina) President Alberto Fernández today denounced the mistreatment of Argentine legislators who traveled to Bolivia as electoral observers and held the Jeanine Añez de facto government responsible.
'Argentine legislators were mistreated when they arrived in La Paz to fulfill their duties as observers of the elections next Sunday. It is the direct responsibility of the de facto government of Jeanine Añez to preserve the integrity of the Argentine delegation,' Fernandez underlined in a message posted on Twitter.

Deputy Leonardo Grosso announced in another message on Twitter that they were invited by the president of the Bolivian Senate, Eva Copa, to act as international observers in Sunday's elections. Upon arrival, we passed the Cochabamba Airport without any problem, but when we arrived in La Paz we were detained, he said.

'First day as observers of the elections, and they have just illegally retained national parliament member Fagioli. We came to ensure the holding of fair elections and within democratic frameworks. We hold the government of Añez responsible for our security, added the legislator.

In a video uploaded to social networks, the police illegally detain the deputy of the Frente de Todos, Federico Fagioli, who is part of the Argentine electoral mission at the El Alto airport.

Meanwhile, national deputy Paula Penaca uploaded another video where she replies to the authorities by pointing out that no one in the delegation has a record and the same immigration office in the town of Cochabamba let them enter without any problem.

'I am not going to give you any explanation because this is my country,' the Bolivian policeman answered, to which she explained that Fagioli is a national deputy and has immunity.

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