President affirms that Argentineans took historic steps together

President affirms that Argentineans took historic steps together
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1 March 2021
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Buenos Aires, Mar 1 (Prensa Latina) Argentine President Alberto Fernandez said today that, united, the country took historic steps to mitigate the pandemic that is ravaging the world and pointed out that he never gave up despite unfair criticisms.
Speaking at the opening of the 139th regular legislative session, the president said that his convictions are still intact and his heart open to those who can recognize mistakes, while recalling that just 10 days after giving his first speech as president at the opening of sessions came Covid-19 last year.

A pandemic that, in the case of Argentina, coincided with a deep health crisis, with a scenario of extreme economic and social weakness.

We were dragging behind us a society weakened by hunger and poverty, an economy in debt as it had never been before, a broken health system that kept hospitals closed and let vaccines expire, he said.

The President added that despite this panorama, thanks to the solidarity contribution of millions of people, it was possible to deploy economic and social measures to mitigate the impact, and he acknowledged society for this.

We have had an immense achievement in 2020, we prevented the collapse of the health system and every person who needed it had the necessary attention, remarked the head of State.

Fernandez stressed that since the beginning of Covid-19 the Government faced criticism, first from those who claimed the profitability before health, then from those who denied the existence of the pandemic and accused the executive of being part of a plot to leave people locked up.

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