Pre-premiere in Paris of documentary The Hate Factory -on psychological warfare against Cuba

Pre-premiere in Paris of documentary The Hate Factory -on psychological warfare against Cuba
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10 June 2023
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Writer and documentary filmmaker Hernando Calvo Ospina, exhibited this week in Paris the preview of his latest documentary "The Hate Factory", in which he makes a historical tour of the hate and disinformation campaigns launched by the U.S. against Cuba, from Operation Peter Pan in 1960 to the present day.

Since the beginning of the Cuban Revolution, the United States carried out programs of psychological warfare against the island, which now multiplied thanks to social networks, declared today the Colombian researcher Hernando Calvo Ospina,

The filmmaker pointed out that "since the beginning of the Revolution, the U.S. prepared everything to carry out a psychological, military and terrorist war against it", and added that on one occasion he asked Wayne Smith "why this fury against Cuba?", to which the former U.S. diplomat replied "Cuba is for the United States as the Moon is for the wolves, an obsession".

"I personally believe that this hatred is because the Revolution disorganized the entire continent from Mexico to Chile", Calvo Ospina explained, "and that rage cannot be removed, it is already a matter of pride, and I do not think it has to do with any economic interest", he explained.

On the making of the documentary, he commented that some passages describing Operation Peter Pan "still make me cry, because that is where this rage against Cuba began, and the fact that taking more than 14,000 children simply to harm a revolution is a horrible cruelty", he considered.

In a similar way it continues to happen in recent years, "with regard to the Cuban medical brigades, I have met many doctors and many cases that turn around the disinformation campaigns unleashed from certain press against the solidarity aid offered by Cuba to the countries that need them", be it for the Covid-19 pandemic, earthquakes or any other emergency.

In relation to the hate campaigns that are spread through the Internet or social networks, the Colombian researcher focused a large part of them on the state of Florida, "where the Cuban lobby has a lot of money and an enormous influence when it comes to deciding the U.S. presidential elections," he explained.

"Miami is a very particular city, the newscasts are very sick, and that obsession against Cuba is spreading, and the White House cannot ignore that issue," he said, but also "that has degenerated in social networks, where there are characters that with the most extreme vulgarity, make violent allegations, as some of them appear in the documentary, and that brings them money."

"Today what is moving in social networks is hate", Calvo Ospina emphasized, and therefore it should be asked "what is happening so that these messages find an audience? Any nonsense that these agents of hate say, even if its falsehood is easily verifiable, becomes accepted and creates opinion", he warned.

"Some of them, with tremendous virulence, ask that no money, food or medicines be sent to Cuba, they call to invade the island, even to kill Cubans... one cannot understand such viciousness, nor what they have in their heads", he said.

Finally, he considered that these issues are of course not exclusive to the confrontation against Cuba, "but that the social networks, Internet, produce and amplify this phenomenon", so he considered that "it is a danger that should not be ignored, because most people already spend more time on the Internet than watching television".

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