Peru-Cuba Parliamentary League ratifies solidarity with Cuba

Peru-Cuba Parliamentary League ratifies solidarity with Cuba
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12 February 2021
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Lima, Feb 12 (Prensa Latina) The Peru-Cuba Parliamentary Friendship League on Friday ratified its solidarity with the country and its recognition for the Cuban collaboration, highlighting the work carried out by Cuban healthcare professionals in the fight against Covid-19.
'Cuba will be able to continue counting on the support of the League,' said its president, Lenin Checco, in a virtual meeting for the installation of a new leadership, integrated by legislators of diverse tendencies.

The parliamentarian, from the Broad Front party, announced the elaboration of a program of activities to promote friendship between both countries and peoples.

The Cuban Ambassador Sergio Gonzalez, who participated in the meeting as a guest, noted the contribution of the Parliamentary League to the good Peruvian-Cuban relations.

He expressed his country's gratitude for the support of the legislators to Cuba against the US economic, commercial and financial blockade, and to the nomination of the Cuban International Medical Contingent Henry Reeve for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Gonzalez highlighted the rejection by Cuba and the international community of the inclusion of the Caribbean country, by then US President Donald Trump, in a unilateral list of countries that practice or sponsor terrorism.

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