Over Four Million Cubans Have Got a COVID-19 Booster

Over Four Million Cubans Have Got a COVID-19 Booster
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28 January 2022
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Havana, Jan 27 (ACN) A total of four million 876 thousand persons in Cuba have already got a booster shot against COVID-19, as part of a national program to ensure the highest protection levels against the disease.

According to the Cuban Health Ministry, out of the total figure, 378 thousand 604 persons got their boosters as part of clinical trials and 4 million 959 thousand 742 during the ongoing immunization of the risk population groups.

The booster vaccine is administered here to individuals who have completed the COVID-19 vaccination scheme, which includes nine million 811 thousand 501 citizens, 87 percent of the Cuban population.

Thus far a total of 33 million 866 thousand 971 doses of homegrown vaccines have been administered, according to the website of the Cuban Health Ministry.

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