Order for Cuban Culture honors work of international poets

Order for Cuban Culture honors work of international poets
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26 May 2022
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Havana, May 26 (Prensa Latina) Turkish poet Ataol Behramoglu and Peruvian writer Hidelbrando Perez received the Order for Cuban Culture, a distinction that recognizes their prolific careers and contributions to the island's artistic scene.

Both intellectuals received the award from the Cuban Minister of Culture, Alpidio Alonso, who said it is an honor and an important recognition of their work.

In the framework of the Havana Poetry Festival, Pérez, who is also a researcher and teacher, thanked the government and the people of Cuba for this distinction, which honors Peruvian poetry and our Andean country as a whole.

Likewise, the winner of the Casa de las Americas Poetry Prize in 1978 with his book Aguardiente y otros cantares, evoked the legacy of the historical leader of the Revolution in Cuba, Fidel Castro, who “illuminated my entire generation in our America and all over the planet”, like a sun.

For his high lyrical quality, Perez received in 2013 the Rafael Alberti International Poetry Prize, awarded jointly by the Festival and the Association of the commune of Andalusia, Spain.

Meanwhile, Behramoglu highlighted the relevance of obtaining such an award in the homeland of the poet José Martí, while signifying the respect and love he professes to the island of Cuba, land of Fidel Castro.

A literary and political critic for the Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet, Behramoglu lived in exile in his youth, was arrested and sentenced to hard labor for his commitment to defend just causes as a member of the Turkish Peace Association and presided over the Turkish Writers Union.

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