Nomination of rectors for Venezuelan Electoral Council begins

Nomination of rectors for Venezuelan Electoral Council begins
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24 January 2021
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Requirements for applicants to join the Preliminary Commission of the Electoral Nominations Committee of the National Assembly and to become new rectors of the National Electoral Council (CNE) began circulating today in Venezuela.

After the permanent session, deputies who are part of the committee, in accordance with the Organic Law of the Electoral Power, made the call to separate current organizations of society, as well as to citizens to run on their own initiative.

According to the information, each applicant has eight days from the moment of publication of the call to activate, along with the 11 deputies already elected, the committee in Parliament.

The requirements are: to be Venezuela-born citizen and over 21 years of age, not be subject to interdiction or disqualification, and have not been criminally convicted in the last 20 years.

This process, set down in the Constitution, is part of the actions of the new Parliament to strengthen the Electoral Power.

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