New incitements from the U.S. to violent acts in Cuba

New incitements from the U.S. to violent acts in Cuba
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20 February 2021
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Cuban media denounced new incitements to commit violent acts in the country, financed by people based in the United States.

A local television report exposed the statements of two youths from the province of Guantánamo, who received a payment of one thousand Cuban pesos (around 40 dollars) for attacking public spaces and state media in that territory in the eastern part of the nation.

According to the 16-year-olds, a Cuban woman living in the United States contacted them through social media. She instructed them to throw stones at stores collecting foreign currency and institutions dedicated to the care of children of working parents.

Likewise, they were to damage buses linked to the transportation of health workers working in the confrontation to Covid-19 and other places in the city. They were given a week to perform those actions as of the time they received the financing.

One of the young men added that he was threatened with the hurting of his family members if he changed his mind and did not perform the acts of terror.

They also said that in the place where they were given the money, there were about eight young people like them, summoned for the same purpose.

According to the television report, the citizen calling herself Yamila, the daughter of Maceo is linked to other acts of violence carried out in Havana and denounced by  Cuban media.

Among them is the burning of a fuel distribution station in the capital, for which she paid around 300 dollars.


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