More than 50% of elected legislators in Bolivia are women

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More than 50% of elected legislators in Bolivia are women
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26 October 2020
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After the general elections held in Bolivia on October 18, won by the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS), there is a strong female presence in both the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate.

MAS achieved majority in the Senate with 21 seats, of which ten are occupied by women.  Comunidad Ciudadana won 11 seats, seven of them for women, while Creemos won four, two of them for women.

As for the Chamber of Deputies, in the case of the plurinominals, 48.33 percent are men, while 51.6 percent of the seats will be held by women; in the uninominals, female hegemony returns with 57.14 percent of the spaces.

A significant number of elected women parliamentarians are new faces in this instance, demonstrating the confidence of the electorate in their female representatives.

According to the Map of Women in Politics 2020 of the Inter-Parliamentary Union and United Nations Women, Bolivia ranks third in the world, after Rwanda and Cuba, in terms of women's representation in Parliament.

For its part, the organization Protagonistas: Paridad-Poder-Juventudes issued a document in which it considers that "the recent (Bolivian) electoral process would mark a milestone for women in terms of political participation."

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