Ministry of Culture: Second Runs Were Never Good

Ministry of Culture: Second Runs Were Never Good
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28 January 2021
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After Donald Trump's defeat at the polls, after a ridiculous campaign based on accusing the Democratic party of nothing less than communist and after the assault on that symbol of the North American democracy which is the Capitol, of which he was undoubtedly an accomplice, the anti-Cuban mafia in Miami is seemingly not giving up to so many setbacks and attempts to move its little pawns in Cuba in search of creating a provocation that, in addition to cleaning its image of eternal failure, makes relations between the new administration and the island nearly impossible.

One must be very naïve to disavow the small show that took place this Wednesday outside the Ministry of Culture facilities from such intentions. It’s only worth taking into account the list of participants. In essence, a mixture of people with criminal records, jobless who proclaim themselves artists and alleged reporters from the so-called "independent" press that is paid, according to what they shamelessly declare, agencies of the United States government.

The excuse, this time, for a created 27N Movement, -the invention reminds me of the so-called "Clandestines" who turned out to be three criminals and an investor in Miami-, as they argued after the curtains of the show were lifted, was to "dialogue" about the house arrests of a group of "artists" who wanted to pay tribute to the national hero of Cuba, José Martí, on the 168th anniversary of his birth.

According to a video published by the United States government page, Radio TV Martí, where protesters make public, without their consent, a call from a Vice Minister of Culture, there was a meeting arranged with three people who later, according to the "speakers" were about twenty.

The videos published by the participants in the show, with the intention of re-editing the manipulation carried out by the same counterrevolutionary elements on November 27th outside that same venue, show the aforementioned deputy minister inviting the participants of the new protest to the gardens of the institution. Proposal that, apparently, did not satisfy their provocative expectations.

If on November 27th, there was talk of manipulation, -many of those summoned ignored the true intentions of that meeting outside the Ministry of Culture-, I don't think the same thing happened this time. Those summoned this time, including some of the leaders of the previous movement of San Isidro, only sought, as the Cuban culture minister, Alpidio Alonso, pointed out in a video circulating on Twitter, to create an impact on international news agencies like the French Press Agency (AFP) which, by the way, has not stopped remembering the issue and that yesterday, coincidentally, again reported on the role of internet in the protests in Cuba.

Needless to say that the protest in Cuba of four mercenaries is going to save the prestige of any failed senator from Florida, much less, what the attack really meant, -among other fascist groups, carried out the Proud Boys, led, coincidentally, by a Cuban-, to the building that symbolizes the democracy that the United States has tried, for centuries, to impose on the world. It will neither erase the spectacle of a hijacked and garrisoned "democracy" like the taking office of the new President Joe Biden.

The hypocrisy and opportunism of the new provocation, in the midst of a global pandemic that especially affects a country blocked by the most powerful nation in the world, could not be more unconcealed and explicit.

I wonder if those "artists" who today say they are protesting that Martí belongs "to all Cubans" said a single word when, a year ago, some terrorists spilled pig's blood on his busts.

If I remember correctly, many of them shared back then, a coconspirator silence of their supposed clandestine nature. Using Martí to please the interests of an annexionist mafia to obstruct the resume of relations between Cuba and the United States is the worst insult a Cuban can throw to the man who fell in Dos Ríos “to prevent in time, with the independence of Cuba, the United States from spreading throughout the Antilles and falling, with that more force, on our lands in America”.

Translated by: Amilkal Labañino Valdés/Cubasi Translation Staff

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