Millions of US citizens at risk of losing health care coverage

Millions of US citizens at risk of losing health care coverage
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1 April 2023
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Around 15 million people in the United States could lose their health coverage as of today, when the states begin to review the requirements to join the program known as Medicaid.

Federal data revealed that one out of every six of the 84 million beneficiaries would lose their health care insurance as of today, coinciding with the loss of effect of the protections introduced as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

During the health emergency, the government suspended procedures to exclude from its benefits those who benefited from the program, which provides free or low-cost health coverage.

However, the Consolidated Appropriations Act, signed into law last December, instructed states to restart eligibility checks for all those currently counting on that facility.

‘Millions of people, working adults, parents with children, will lose Medicaid when they try to re-enroll,’ Ellen Taverna, associate director of the Together for Medicaid program at Community Catalyst, was quoted as saying by CBS News.

Out of those, she said, 380,000 are working adults who will be ineligible for other health coverage because they earn too little to qualify for subsidies under the plan known as Obamacare, but too much, according to the requirements set by Medicaid.


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