Michael Moore: Trump May Be Lying About COVID-19 Diagnosis

Michael Moore: Trump May Be Lying About COVID-19 Diagnosis
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3 October 2020
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Michael Moore says President Trump may be lying about his COVID-19 diagnosis, calling him an “evil genius” who is “not above weaponizing” a fake illness.

“There is one absolute truth about Trump: He is a consistent, absolute, unrelenting, fearless, and professional liar. A serial liar. A factually proven liar,” Moore wrote in a lengthy Facebook post. “How many lies now has the Washington Post proven in these four years? 25,000? A lie at least twice during every waking hour? Think of all the bad people you’ve known in your life. Even the worst ones you couldn’t say that about.”

Moore continued to shed doubt on Trump’s 1 a.m. tweet Friday that he and first lady Melania Trump have tested positive for the virus and are quarantining in the White House. He noted that Trump is behind former Vice President Joe Biden in presidential polls.

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“So why on earth would we believe him today?” the documentary filmmaker wrote. “Has he earned your trust now? No. Yet, we’re decent enough to not want him to be sick, to wish him well, and maybe just this once give him the benefit of the doubt because why would he lie about this?

“That’s not the question. The question we — and yes, I mean you, too, the media — the only question we really need to be asking is this: Why would Trump all of a sudden just start telling the truth?”

Moore says liberals and conservatives alike have underestimated Trump from the beginning, and shouldn’t do it again. Moore was one of the few high-profile people on the left to predict Trump’s win over Hilary Clinton in the 2016 election.

“Democrats, liberals, the media and others have always been wrong to simply treat him as a buffoon and a dummy and a jackass. Yes, he is all those things. But he’s also canny. He’s clever. He outfoxed Comey. He outfoxed Mueller. He outfoxed 20 Republicans in the GOP primary and then did the same to the Democrats, winning the White House despite receiving fewer votes than his opponent. He’s an evil genius and I raise the possibility of him lying about having COVID-19 to prepare us and counteract his game. He knows being sick tends to gain one sympathy. He’s not above weaponizing this,” Moore wrote.

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Michael Moore also questioned hopes that Trump might have a change of heart on certain issues — like how to handle the pandemic — because of a COVID-19 diagnosis, noting that no world leader is known to have radically changed because of an illness.

“He’s losing the election. And he knows it. It’s not 2016. He was hated in 2016, but he’s hated even more now. Millions of Americans are ON FIRE and on the verge of serving him up a major league ass-whooping and a record landslide defeat. So he needs – badly – to totally change the conversation about this campaign. And he just has,” Moore wrote.

Moore later followed up with this dig on Twitter, referencing the positive test reported Thursday for Trump aide Hope Hicks:

“Knowing Hope Hicks had tested positive, Trump then flew to a fundraiser with fat cats in NJ. Fleeced ‘em for $5M while putting their lives at risk. Puts a whole new spin on ‘Kill the Rich.’ Nice to know the low regard Trump has for the wealthy. Probably wishes he was one of them.”

The New York Times reports that Trump is experiencing “mild” cold-like symptoms from the virus. Biden’s team says he has tested negative for the virus, after standing across the stage from Trump in Tuesday’s night’s first (and perhaps final) presidential debate. Future debates, like many other things, are thrown into question by Trump’s announcement, because no one wants to risk the president exposing anyone else to COVID-19.

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