Mexico: Key day for MORENA party in electoral battle

Mexico: Key day for MORENA party in electoral battle
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9 April 2021
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Mexico, Apr 9 (Prensa Latina) The ruling MORENA party is facing a key day in Mexico in its electoral battle to maintain an absolute majority in Congress and win some state governorships.
On Friday, the Superior House of the Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Power of the Federation can vote on a project in which it recognizes violations to supervise Felix Salgado Macedonio, a controversial candidate for Guerrero's governorship, the best positioned candidate according to the polls.

Salgado has suffered a true political lynching for several months, according to MORENA's complaints, and after attempts to criminally involve him in the alleged rapes of women failed in the distant past, they now attacked him for allegedly evading taxes.

The questioned National Electoral Institute (INE), openly confronted with the government, is at the center of the problem, which has already removed 90 candidates from the MORENA party for public posts.

The Court will decide on Friday whether to accept the INE's resolution against Salgado, whose candidacy was withdrawn, and the remaining candidates to Guerrero's governorship.

Although, according to speculation, the Court plans to give the case back to the INE to implement individual and not collective sanctions, it is almost impossible that the organization modifies in any case its ruling, as the judges acknowledge the alleged lack of supervision by the accused.

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