Mexico City to swap Columbus statue for one of Olmec woman

Mexico City to swap Columbus statue for one of Olmec woman
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10 September 2021
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Mexico, Sep 10 (Prensa Latina) A major monument (Tlali) to an Olmec woman is going up on one of Mexico City´s most prominent Paseo de la Reforma, permanently displacing a controversial nearly 150-year-old bronze statue of Christopher Colombus, local press reported on Friday.
The new sculpture is being designed by Mexican artist Pedro Reyes who gave a preview of the work on a video uploaded on social media in which, for the first time, images of the statue are shown, beautiful and praised by writer Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador´s wife.

With Tatli monument, the heroism of resistance and rejection of colonialists who looted Mexicos´s wealth and imposed its customs by force, as denounced by the Mexican government, is recognized.

Artist Pedro Reyes said his work is inspired by famous Olmec heads and many other elements of indigenous culture.

Tlali, the Nahuatl word for ¨Land¨, Reyes explained, is the name of the sculpture, which responds to the idea that the monument is an allegory to Pachamama, which is why it is inspired by many elements of Mexican sculpture from different moments in history and its great antiquity.

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