Master sonero César Pedroso honored in Cuba

Master sonero César Pedroso honored in Cuba
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13 May 2023
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Among the most awaited events in the extensive program of cultural activities this week in the capital, the conference to be held today on the life and work of Cesar Pedroso, also considered Maestro de Juventudes (Master of Youth), stands out.

Affectionately known as "Pupy", this arranger, composer, orchestra conductor and excellent pianist conceived his group through the fusion of several instrumental formats as a sort of sound synthesis of all Cuban popular music.

The group of this artist, who died in 2021, maintains the violin and the pailas of the charanga format, incorporated the trumpets with ensemble treatment, unfolding in a strict melodic realization and with great presence of improvisation.

Pedroso left to his credit more than 150 works, many of which he composed while playing with the emblematic orchestra Los Van Van, such as "Azúcar", "Después que te casaste", "Seis semanas" or "Tranquilo mota".

He also received multiple awards and distinctions, including a Gold Record from Caribe Production, for selling more than five thousand copies of the 1997 album "La fruta prohibida", in which Buena Vista Social Club diva Omara Portuondo participated.

More than a lecture on his life, it will be a conversation in honor of one of the most fervent cultivators of son in this Caribbean island.

The closing of the day is prepared with the main course: the concert of Pupy y los que Son Son, to remember the maestro, a worthy representative of Cuban popular dance music.

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