López Obrador says that US seeks profit from blockade against Cuba

López Obrador says that US seeks profit from blockade against Cuba
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14 October 2023
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Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador noted on Friday that the United States seeks profit from the criminal economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba.

At his morning press conference at the National Palace, the Mexican head of State insisted on Cuba’s case when he was asked about the situation and sanctions against Venezuela.

When addressing the Venezuelan case, he compared it to Cuba, and said that in the latter, the blockade has been promoted by those who have gotten a lot of economic and political benefits in the United States for 60 years, and even lawmakers who promote it to maintain their positions and be re-elected.

However, the blockade does not solve anything, the only thing it does is harm people, make them suffer because it is inhumane and no one has the right to harm another people, he pointed out.

Hopefully things will change and be resolved without the enforcement of sanctions or the use of force or violence, or affecting the people, he added.

Regarding Venezuela, López Obrador repeated that Mexico is in favor of the conciliation of discrepancies, of having an agreement, and we have information that members of the government are meeting with the opposition.

Elections will be held, I hope everyone participates and approaches are reached through democratic means, free expression, freedom of suffrage, and that Venezuelans move forward, he said.

In other words, he explained that there should be no pretexts for unfair sanctions from foreign countries because it is not just a political issue, since when a country is sanctioned, it affects its people, in addition to being an interventionist act.

“Who is harmed when a country is sanctioned, by a blockade? Well, the people, no one else.” That is why, it is good to seek a negotiated political solution through democratic means in the case of Venezuela, and we also wish it for all countries, although there are always those who seek a rupture because they are no longer in the business of profiting, Lopez Obrador noted.

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