Londoño calls to stop fascism in Colombia

Londoño calls to stop fascism in Colombia
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11 May 2021
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Bogota, May 11 (Prensa Latina) The president of the 'Comunes de Colombia' party, Rodrigo Londoño called on Tuesday for stopping the fascism exercised from the Duque government in a public statement.
He assures that the national strike makes the country's authorities and the ultra-right desperate, but in reality, they are reaping what they sowed since the onset of their mandate when they decided to privilege the wealthiest sectors, adding a hostile attitude against the implementation of the Peace Agreement.

The youth of the cities and countryside of Colombia, accompanied by the communities that reject the Uribe's policies of dispossession and repression, are massively taking to the roads, streets and squares to demand a change in the course of the country, Londoño pointed out.

He noted that a huge popular strike has been challenging the Duque government for over a week, in a peaceful, civic and festive manner in a clear demonstration that is against the war and violence promoted by his administration.

'The opportunity that opens to Colombian children is unique: to consolidate in a definitive way what was agreed in Havana, he said on referring to the Peace Agreement between the FARC-EP and the government of Juan Manuel Santos representing the State, which put an end to a long-standing armed conflict.

In addition, it will allow peace to be cemented, based on the participation of the majorities in the most important public decisions, he added.

Therefore, the construction of a common agenda by those who aspire to a better country is urgent, the former guerrilla fighter urged.

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