The Leones cornered us in Caribbean Baseball Series

The Leones cornered us in Caribbean Baseball Series
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5 February 2023
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The Leones de Caracas "cornered" Agricultores this Saturday in the third day of the 65th Caribbean Baseball Series, to the point of winning with a comfortable score of 20 runs by three.

The Simon Bolivar Monumental Stadium, in La Rinconada, received more than 32 thousand people for a party without limits, because the locals were always in clear advantage.

With a total of 25 hits and 20 scores, the team led by José Alguacil scored their second success in the event, after defeating Federales de Chiriquí (PAN) in the opener and losing on Friday to the Indios de Mayagüez (PUR).

Saturday night turned out to be a very bad night for the team from Granma and Tunero, as the pitching did not hold up, the offense did not wake up and the defense failed again.

The Morochos scored runs in six of their eight innings at bat, hitting pitchers Joel Mojena, Alexander Valiente, Yunier Castillo, Carlos Santana and Alberto Pablo Civil.

Seven runs in the first inning itself, plus two in the following inning, proved to be "buckets of cold water" for a Cuban team that has struggled to score runs.

On this occasion, the runs came in dribbles in episodes one, three and eight, in which it was impossible to accumulate men on bases and produce in a big way.

Yunieski Larduet was the inspirational spark plug for the Cubans with three hits, although Yosvany Alarcón also stood out with a single and a run.

"There is not much to explain because it is very difficult to beat a team that hits 25 hits and gives you 20 runs. They scored nine runs in the first innings. Against a team of that level, with the pitching they have, there wasn't much hope of a comeback. They were far superior and there is nothing to object to that," said Cuban mentor Carlos Martí at a press conference.

"This game has already been lost, it can't be analyzed, it's in the past. Now we have to prepare psychologically for tomorrow's game (Sunday) against Mexico, as important as this one," commented the professor before assessing his choice of 12 pitchers for this lid.

"We bring 12 pitchers, more or less the rule, but a game like this is not seen every day. Today we called the last pitchers to the box to be ready, because they had not pitched for days," said Marti before saying goodbye to the journalists.

At this time, intense and very critical chronicles can be read, in which, among other issues, the records broken in this uneven clash stand out?

For example, the Lions scored the most hits in a game in the Caribbean series. The previous record was held by Tigres de Licey with 23 in 1977.

They also set their new limit of runs produced in a game and equaled the Naranjeros de Hermosillo in that category in the Caribbean series.

Agricultores will return to the field today at 2:30 p.m. local time against Cañeros de Los Mochis, the champion of Mexico.

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