Left-wing candidate leads presidential race in Chile

Left-wing candidate leads presidential race in Chile
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2 August 2021
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Santiago, Chile, Aug 2 (Prensa Latina) Gabriel Boric, a candidate from the left-wing Apruebo Dignidad bloc in Chile's presidential elections, is leading the voting preferences, according to the Plaza Publica poll published on Monday.
The poll by the consulting firm Cadem places Boric, from the Broad Front, with 29 percent of approval among those consulted during the last week of July, although he lost five percentage points with respect to the previous survey.

In the second place is Sebastian Sichel, who ran as an independent in the primaries within the right-wing Chile Vamos coalition and obtained 25 percent of preference, but he also lost five points compared to the previous week.

Meanwhile, the Senate president, who is running for the Christian Democracy, Yasna Provoste, was again in the third place, with 21 percent of vote prefeences, and won five points in the voting preferences of those interviewed.

Other candidates are Jose Antonio Kast, from the ultra-right wing, and socialist Paula Narvaez and Carlos Maldonado, from the centrist Radical Party, although very far in the preferences with five, three and one percent, respectively.

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