Laura Alonso: National Dance Award 2021

Laura Alonso: National Dance Award 2021
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29 April 2021
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The National Dance Award 2021 bestowed this morning to Grand Maitre Laura Alonso (New York, 1938) appreciates two different sides of her work.


She was first the exceptional soloist of the Cuba’s National Ballet, and she became later the maître responsible for the training of several dancers, always faithful to the essence of a school that was created by her parents, Alicia and Fernando Alonso, and her uncle Alberto. 


She has devoted her life to ballet, dance, as recognized by a jury made up of celebrities of the Cuban cultural world.


She honored her lineage. For 25 years, she was the first soloist of the National Ballet of Cuba. It is possible to watch some footages of her work: she was a ballet dancer of refined taste. She had a unique talent on stage and great technical skill.


She had studied with great professors of the ballet world, in addition to what she learned from within her own family. And such vocation for teaching marked her life. She stood out soon as a teacher and achieved great results: she was the promoter and maître of young dancers of the Cuban National Ballet who, with the passing of the years, became stars: José Manuel Carreño, Xiomara Reyes, Lorna Feijó, Alihaydeé Carreño…


She was also professor at Cuba’s Higher Institute of Art; principal in the International Courses of the Cuban School of Ballet known as CUBALLET; and director of the Center for the Promotion of Dance in Cuba, internationally known as Prodanza Center.


This remarkably service record has been recognized with the highest award bestowed in Cuba to dance artists. The news has delighted hundreds of her students in countries all over the world, and the public that remembers her and still reveres her.


Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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