Latin America and the Caribbean are nobody’s yard, Cuba says

Latin America and the Caribbean are nobody’s yard, Cuba says
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22 January 2022
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The foreign minister tweeted that the Pan-American hegemonic system that has been promoted by the United States since the 19th century pursues that racist and colonialist ambition.


He added that those concepts “have been in crisis for a long time and will not recover.”


Also on Twitter, Director General for Latin America and the Caribbean at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Eugenio Martinez, noted that the US president talks about “back yard”, “front yard” in order to improve his image in the region.


However, he said, Biden “cannot help to show his true intentions through the worst in US policy, which seeks to limit sovereignty in order to guarantee domination interests.”


Deputy Director for Europe and Canada at the Cuban Foreign Ministry, Nelson Tamayo, also condemned Washington’s hegemonic attempts on Twitter.


He said the US administration cannot handle its domestic crises and “causes instability in international relations by creating chaos and taking advantage of differences in favor of its domination interests.”

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