Laos Denounced US Strategy of Maximum Pressure Against Cuba

Laos Denounced US Strategy of Maximum Pressure Against Cuba
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12 May 2024
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Cuban Ambassador Enna Viant denounced here the multidimensional strategy of maximum pressure applied today by the U.S. government against Cuba, which includes the reinforcement of the prolonged economic, financial, and commercial blockade.

This policy includes the harassment and persecution of finances and any means used by Cuba to solve its energy projects, and seeks to prevent the successful development of our commercial relations and collaboration in all possible branches, including public health, she stressed.

Speaking the day before at the ceremony to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between Cuba and Laos, Viant emphasized that more than 80 percent of the Cuban population was born and raised under this scourge, which constitutes genocide and violates the human rights of the people.

The elimination of the U.S. blockade, which has lasted for more than six decades, is a priority of Cuba’s foreign policy in the face of attempts to isolate it and include it, for no reason whatsoever, in the so-called list of countries sponsoring terrorism, which further reinforces the criminal encirclement, she remarked.

However, Cuban ambassador noted, “Cuba has enjoyed international solidarity, particularly from the People’s Revolutionary Party, the State and Government and the people of Laos, and the universal rejection of the blockade policy, which every year generates more initiatives and support throughout the world”.

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