La Colmenita to take Cuban children’s talent to Puerto Rico

La Colmenita to take Cuban children’s talent to Puerto Rico
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9 September 2023
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The Cuban children's theater troupe La Colmenita will perform for the first time in Puerto Rico on September 16, a show that promises to spread joy at the Fine Arts Center of Santurce.

In statements to the Puerto Rican newspaper Claridad, the founder and director of the group, Carlos Alberto Cremata, commented on his excitement to visit Puerto Rican soil, his feeling for that culture and his desire to multiply love.

In the 34 years since the creation of La Colmenita, “we have been desperate for a long time to see our equals, our brothers,” Cremata said.

We have visited all Cuban provinces, but we are missing Puerto Rico, that is Cuba.

The talented children will stage Cinderella according to The Beatles, a bilingual harmonic show in which they sing songs in English by the British band, while four little mice that live in Cinderella’s basement conspire to put together a musical group.

Eighty-five percent of the script in the production was written by the Beatles and the remaining 15 percent consists of bridge texts so that the story can be told, Cremata added.

What we do all the time is to grow with Martí, in Martí, we have to study him to know what the Puerto Rican community and people meant to him, that beloved island.


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